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Get to Know B.A.L.L.E.R.S.

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BALLERS mission is to support youth in foster care and the reentry population in re-engaging into the community while ending poverty and reducing their recidivism. Our mission is accomplished by providing a 6-week program which includes, individual case management,  employment services, housing and shelter referrals, basic housing retention skill building, and linkages to services needed for self sufficiency. 


BALLERS intend to provide the following services:  


  • Workforce development by providing trainings on entrepreneurship and employment readiness 

  • Individualized housing plan which uses a housing first approach to rapidly rehouse homeless clients and teaching skills to retain housing

  • Peer supportive activities to reinforce self confidence, leadership and community responsibility

  • Providing access to food, clothing, and shoes for the unhoused 

  • Screen and refer candidates for substance use treatment and recovery services


The grant will be used to access a building that will house youth transitioning into adulthood who are experiencing homelessness. It will also aid in gaining a larger facility to expand classroom sizes to accommodate  the increase in attendees.


The grant will be used to procure a larger facility for youth transitioning into adulthood to expand classroom sizes to accommodate the increase in attendees.


BALLERS will provide: entrepreneurship/employment services, case management, peer support activities, mental health care, housing retention skills, social services, and access to basic needs such as food and clothing.

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